Features and capabilities of this carpool software component

Arrange2Drive 3.3.2 is now available! What´s new? The major changes:

  1. a2d-boxavailable for JOOMLA 2.5 & JOOMLA 3.x
  2. gender options
  3. custom fields, e.g. for luggage information
  4. user management with picture upload
  5. updating from an old Arrange2Drive version (in JOOMLA 2.5) without loosing data or uninstalling
  6. built in CSS and colour editor for an easy colour management
  7. new and user friendly UI
  8. electively with or without user registration (silent login)
  9. lost login data option, while running without user registration
  10. improved search algorithm
  11. CO2 emission calculator
  12. many configuration and individualization options
  13. enlarged DriveAlert (notification service)
  14. mobile ready - responsive design
  15. Community Builder integration
  16. JomSocial integration
  17. and lots more

Take a look on the feature overview splitted by site

The main and most important functions and capabilities of this carpool software:

  • Easy submit of rides and entries
    • Submitting electively with or without user registration
    • Silent login: The login data are generated automatically, while running without user registration
    • Each entry can be edited
  • Comprehensive search function
    • Circuit search (free definable distance)
    • Circuit search for the legs of a trip
  • No locale restriction
    • Almost every place can be choosed
    • Consequently there is no constraint in use
  • Notification service (Drive Alert)
    • It´s a kind of a newsletter, which scrutinizes every new entered ride and automatically notifies a user who possibly fits to the new entry and has set a individual route in the drive alert in the past. The Drive Alert can be set for offered and searched rides.
    • Integrated circuit search for similar rides
  • Reminder service
    • If a regular offered or searched ride, with a total validity of greater than 14 days expires, the user will automatically be reminded about the expiring date of his entry. So the user has the chance to extend the validity of his entry, otherwise the entry will automatically be deleted after the expiration date! So the system keeps itself actual!
  • User friendly interface
  • Multilingualism
    • The carpool software can be extended by any language
  • Individual protection of privacy
    • Every user can dedice, which contact data he wants to publish
    • If the user don´t want to publish his email and telephone publicly, the contact can anyhow be guaranteed by using a contact form which veils his email adress. So the privacy can be protected an the contact is guaranteed!
  • Flexible captcha settings
    • Use of reCaptcha
    • Use of an easy calc captcha
    • No captcha use at all
  • Accessibility to social networks
  • Forwarding of the entries via email
  • Easy printing of the entry details
  • Easy connection of the carpool software to any website
  • Avoid the emission of CO2 in your city, town or company