FAQ - Arrange2Drive

General and Technical

  • What are the technical requirements?
  • Am I able to refund the purchased component?
    • No, at the moment there is no refund policy. Please read before purchasing our FAQ and check out the Functions & Capabilities to the offered components and add-ons
  • Is the Arrange2Drive version for JOOMLA 2.5.x different as for JOOMLA 3.x?
    • No, both versions have the same features, they are equal!
  • Can I use Arrange2Drive with JomSocial?
    • Yes, Arrange2Drive is connected to Jomsocials user management
  • Can I use Arrange2Drive with fixed places?
    • Yes, you can use fixed places for departure and destination, read more here
  • Can I run Arrange2Drive as a stand alone solution without JOOMLA?
    • No, at the moment the cms JOOMLA is required to use Arrange2Drive

License and Usage

  • Where do I find license information?
    • Since version 3.2.x, Arrange2Drive is released under the GNU GPL version 2 license, read more here
  • Is the usage and license limited in time?
    • No, the usage is not limited in time. You can use the software as long as you want!
  • How long can I get free updates?
    • Free updates are available 180 days (6 months) from your subscription. In this time the download is not limited
  • Can I extend / renew the license and the period of free updates?
    • Yes, before your subscription expires, you are able to extend your subscription.
    • Here we give a 55% discount on the regular price. This offer is only valid, when you extend your subscription during an active subscription period!
    • The new perdiod starts after the old expires, so no time will be wasted!
  • Can I use the software on multiple domains?
    • Yes, but we give support only for one domain! In case of support requests we need to know this domain. We do not give support for locale installations.
  • Am I able to customize the component?
    • Yes, you can customize the component however you want. But once you have done core changes (changes in files) we do not give any support and possible updates will overwrite your customizations. Therefore you must be careful and notice all your changes.